Solingen 93, 2023


Angles Morts, 2022-23

Things we do not see, because they are supposed to be hidden in the death angle of history

Unrevealed Scenes of Malintzin's life, 2021-2023

What would the conquest of Mexico look like through Malintzin's eyes?

Berlin Monuments, 2022

An attempt to make the heroic aspect of Berlin heroes´ memorials disappear

Receptacle for toxic culture, 2021

How to deal with a Hitler-Bust in the context of a museum?

Our Future was Yesterday, 2021

Playing with visual fake news on old original etchings and drawings 

Intimacy of Judgment, 2020

You discide if you distroy an artwork in order to see another

Hexen, 2014

Frauen von heute leihen ihren als Hexen verurteilten  Namensvetterinnen ihr Gesicht

Vaterlandsallegorien 2009

Ein Mosaik vieler Geschichten, das die politische Stimmungslage am Ende der ersten Dekade des 21. Jahrhundert sichtbar macht. (Dr. Annette Werntze)