Solingen 93



Assembling, disapering and questioning the hero-phenomenon

Angles Morts

There are things we cannot see, because they are hidden in the death angle of our historical perspective.

Unrevealed Scenes of Malintzin's life

What would the conquest of Mexico look like through the eyes of a contemporary woman?

History on Skin

History and Identity 

Receptacle for toxic culture

How to deal with a Hitler-Bust in the context of a museum?

Our Future was Yesterday

Rewriting History on antique  etchings and drawings 

La pérdida del Otro

Losing the other

Intimacy of Judgment

You discide if you distroy an artwork in order to see another

Discours on Power

How far war we willing to go


Frauen von heute leihen ihren als Hexen verurteilten  Namensvetterinnen ihr Gesicht


Welche Freiheiten können wir leben? 

Am I still Beautiful?

Titian's Flora with oversized bosom, the proud Dürer with thinned hair and Lucrezia Borgia with mastectomy... Are they nevertheless beautiful? And if so: as paintings or as people?


Ein Mosaik vieler Geschichten, das die politische Stimmungslage am Ende der ersten Dekade des 21. Jahrhundert sichtbar macht. (Dr. Annette Werntze) 

Mujeres Castigadas

A postconpectual project against gender violence